Heating and Air Conditioning in Itasca, ILLeith Heating & Cooling offers professional heating and air conditioning services throughout Itasca, IL, and nearby areas. Itasca is one of the smallest villages in DuPage County, located in the northeastern part of Illinois, approximately 30 miles west of Chicago. Since its inception in 1841, Itasca has transformed into a family-friendly and charming area. Home to the Itasca Historical Depot, the city has stunning suburban neighborhoods and well-maintained parks.

    Itasca is one of the areas in the United States that experiences warm summer and cold winter seasons. Thus, we need dependable, effective and efficient heating and cooling systems in our homes. Heat pumps or central heating and cooling systems installed and routinely inspected by a reputable HVAC company keep homes in Itasca safe and comfortable.

    Itasca’s Heating and Cooling Repair

    NATERegardless of the problem your HVAC system in Itasca develops, Leith Heating & Cooling is the HVAC company you can count on for assistance. We know the frustrations a malfunctioning HVAC system brings; that’s why we provide emergency repair services for issues that require immediate attention. Our NATE-certified technicians have the skills, experience and equipment required to diagnose the problem accurately. After identifying the cause, we’ll give you options for having your system fixed. You’ll receive a detailed cost estimate for the repair before work begins. We’re known for excellent HVAC solutions done right the first time.

    Reach out for professional HVAC repair if you spot any of the following signs:
    • Strange sounds or smells
    • High energy bills
    • Inconsistent temperatures
    • Faulty thermostat
    • Power fluctuations

    When you rely on Leith Heating & Cooling for repairs, we’ll arrive promptly to resolve the problem. We’re always ready to make your HVAC repair needs our top concern. No matter what time you call us, you’ll get the same exceptional service at the same competitive prices. You won’t encounter after-hours or weekend price increases. We aim to keep your home as comfortable as possible, so we go above and beyond to make repairing your heater or air conditioner as hassle-free as we can.

    Heating and Air Conditioning Installation

    Heating and Air Conditioning InstallationWhen it comes to HVAC installation in Itasca, Leith Heating & Cooling is the HVAC company you can rely on. We’ll help you get the ideal model to fulfill your heating and cooling needs and involve you in all the stages of the installation process. By replacing an old, less efficient HVAC system, you can enjoy improved heating and cooling power and reduced utility bills. Consider raising your home’s value with our trusted HVAC installation services. We’ll make the installation process seamless, doing everything for you so you can relax and enjoy enhancing your comfort. We will remove your obsolete system, dispose of it properly and install your new HVAC system according to the manufacturer’s standards. Once we complete the installation, we’ll test the system to ensure optimal performance and show you how to operate your new equipment. We’ll also be happy to answer any of your questions regarding its operation and maintenance or everything else you might want to know.

    Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance

    Without routine maintenance, your HVAC equipment will not operate efficiently. Your HVAC system is a considerable investment, so you’ll want it to function optimally all year round. At Leith Heating & Cooling, we offer professional HVAC maintenance in Itasca and nearby areas. Minor issues can escalate into extensive repairs, so allow our seasoned and skilled technicians to service your system. We will check all the components for any lurking problems and help you get the most out of your heating and cooling equipment. If we notice any minor issue, we’ll inform you so you can have it fixed before it turns into a major problem. In most cases, we can resolve the issue right there and then.

    As a part of our maintenance service, we will replace clogged filters, lubricate all moving parts, inspect the safety systems and adjust the thermostat if necessary. We’ll also clean the condenser coil, flame sensors, outdoor condenser cabinet and other components. With scheduled maintenance, you will enjoy maximum performance, prolong the lifespan of your system and rest easy in the knowledge you’ll remain comfortable all year round without any heating or cooling disruptions. At Leith Heating & Cooling, we strive to help our clients establish comfortable indoor environments with our heating and cooling services.

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