Leith Heating & Cooling is the premier HVAC company serving Arlington Heights, IL, and the surrounding areas. With a population of close to 76,000, Arlington Heights is also one of the most populous villages in the country today. It is one of the best places to live and work thanks to its proximity to the city and low crime rate. Temperatures can fall into the teens in the winter, and the hot summer months often reach upwards of 90 degrees. That means homeowners and business owners need effective and reliable heating and air conditioning throughout the year.

    Arlington Heights HVAC Company for Repairs

    Your HVAC system provides warm and cool air, depending on your heating and cooling needs. Unfortunately, your HVAC unit might break down or struggle to perform as expected due to overuse, lack of maintenance, component failure, or clogged air filters. Luckily, our team of experienced technicians is ready to help. We will compare the cost of necessary repairs against the cost of installing a new unit to determine whether a repair or replacement is the better option. Technicians will also check the performance of your unit and repair history to make the best decision.

    Heating and Air Conditioning Installation

    Replacing your old and inefficient HVAC system might be necessary to improve efficiency and lower your energy bills. A new and efficient HVAC unit offers more comfort and reduces the need for regular repairs.

    Upgrading your HVAC system offers more than increased comfort!

    • Less noise
    • Better airflow
    • Fewer repair needs
    • Reduced carbon footprint
    • Higher energy efficiency

    We know that you might find it challenging to choose the right HVAC equipment for your Arlington Heights home. Our technicians will help you select equipment with the best SEER rating and BTU rating to ensure you get the comfort you deserve within your budget. We also offer financing options on approved credit to help you upgrade your HVAC system as soon as possible.

    Reliable HVAC Maintenance Service

    Routine maintenance is a worthwhile investment that you have to make to improve your comfort, cut energy bills, and extend system life. Preventive maintenance also protects you and your loved ones from the risk of carbon monoxide and faulty components. Our highly trained technicians will clean your heating and air conditioning equipment, lubricate moving parts, and remove dust and debris. We will also make sure it is operating safely.

    Are you ready to work with a trusted HVAC company in Arlington Heights? Reach out to our experienced technicians at Leith Heating & Cooling to learn more about our HVAC services.