Leith Heating & Cooling, Inc. protects the comfort of business owners in the Northwest Suburbs with over 36 years of HVAC industry experience.

Commercial Equipment Repairs

Commercial Equipment Repairs

Our reliable repairs team is at your service, so you are able to meet the goals of running a successful business.

Commercial Equipment Maintenance

Commercial Equipment Maintenance

With seasonal maintenance, you can avoid costly breakdowns and disruption to a business when you need your HVAC equipment the most.

Commercial Equipment Installation

Commercial Equipment Installation

Upgrade your existing commercial system to improve efficiency and provide healthier air quality to your building.

Install, Repair & Maintain

Leith Heating & Cooling offer professional light commercial HVAC services. We can service, repair, or replace your existing commercial equipment. We have specialists who know how to work with your complex large-scale equipment to make sure all of the components work together to produce comfort for your commercial space.

Commercial HVAC service by Leith Heating & Cooling in Elgin IL

Same-Day Repair Services

Leith Heating & Cooling, Inc. provides dependable commercial repairs in the Fox Valley. We know that your business is always operating, so we are here for you to help you with any issues that you may have.

You can trust your commercial repairs to your local, veteran-owned company to get your business back up a running any time of the year. We have trained, and skilled professionals to accurately diagnose, and repair your commercial problems.

Regularly Scheduled Maintenance

Using Leith Heating & Cooling to maintain your commercial system will save you from more frequent breakdowns. Small issues can lead to much larger issues that could result in expensive repairs. Our trained technicians can often predetermine these problems with expertise, experience, and advanced diagnostic tools. We can fine-tune your system to make sure it’s at its peak performance so that you can keep your business running and your employees comfortable.

The temperature in your office can determine a more productive and comfortable work environment. Keep your staff healthy and happy with a well maintained commercial HVAC system.

Time for a Replacement?

At Leith Heating & Cooling, Inc. we can make sure all of your commercial HVAC installations run smoothly. Leith Heating & Cooling can do a professional load calculation to determine a properly designed size, help you select the equipment, and professionally install it.

Improving and updating the commercial HVAC equipment will improve the comfort, health, and productivity of your employees, protecting your business’s bottom line.