As Winter Storm Harper moves towards the Chicagoland area, it is important to be prepared for the winter weather. From chilling temperatures to excessive snowfall, it is essential to ensure your furnace is working at its top efficiency. Here are 5 maintenance tips that will guarantee a warm and cozy winter season.

Clean your air vents:

To prevent blockage, it is helpful to clean your air vents as you are cleaning the rest of your house. You should be doing this every time you vacuum your home to ensure there is no air blockage to prevent poor air quality. There are times where your air ducts may be too difficult to clean on your own, which is why Leith Heating & Cooling HVAC is here to help!

Replace your air filter:

Over the years, your air filter may become dirty. This is not only a danger to air quality but will also increase your home energy bills. It is crucial to get this replaced at the start of the cooling season and to check regularly every month.

Control your thermostat:

One of the most important things to check off your list is ensuring your thermostat is functioning properly. Replace the batteries of your thermostat at the start of every new season. It is highly recommended to invest in a programmable thermostat that will set the thermostat at the highest efficiency for your comfort.

Check your insulation:

Even though it does not directly tie to your HVAC system, having enough insulation in your home will guarantee the most comfort. It is recommended to get your insulation checked by one of our service providers to give you a warm and cozy winter season.

Get your winter inspection:

At Leith Heating & Cooling HVAC, our heating inspections are done with care and ease. Our HVAC technician will not only examine your system for any concerns but will also optimize your furnace to give you warmth and save you money.

For more information or any questions about winterizing your HVAC system, contact Leith Heating & Cooling HVAC today.

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