While it may be tempting for some to decorate all areas of their home, there are a few guidelines to follow to ensure your HVAC system is not disrupted and your home is producing heat at its maximum capacity. Leith Heating & Cooling HVAC is here to keep you, your home, and your wallet happy this holiday season with these effective tips:

Avoid covering vents

Covering vents with decorative items may seem tempting at the time, however, it will not only decrease the amount of heat traveling throughout your home, but it also poses a fire hazard.

Don’t place heating sources near your thermostat

In order to avoid inaccurate thermostat readings, it is crucial to not place any type of heating source near your thermostat, especially holiday lights. This can cause your HVAC system to blow out cool air or turn off completely due to the false readings.

Ensure there are no cracks in doors or windows

With holiday parties happening more and more as the days go by, guests are going to be coming in and out of your door. It is essential to ensure your door is shut fully so no heat escapes and no cold air interferes with your HVAC system.

Get a check-up for your HVAC system

It is always a wise decision to get a regular maintenance check-up for your HVAC system. This will guarantee your home is ready for the cold weather and holiday festivities.

For more information or any questions about tips to protect your HVAC system while celebrating the holidays, contact Leith Heating & Cooling HVAC today.

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