As time goes on, technology consistently improves. Home heating has evolved from simple wood-burning to advanced furnace systems. However, many homes have outdated furnaces, making the efficiency of the system and comfort of your home poor. Newer furnace system models have comfort-enhancing features that provide you with the quality you are entitled to at the max efficiency. Today, furnaces have a variety of improvements compared to older models, including the following:

Variable-speed technology

Many of today’s natural gas furnaces have variable-speed blower motors, which will adjust the speed of the air being blown to provide your home with the comfort you desire. This feature grants high-quality airflow, eliminating hot and cold spots in your home.

Multiple stages of operation

Older furnace models operate in only two stages, 100% capacity and turned off. Newer models have the ability to function in multiple stages. This will not only save you money but will also meet your comfort needs.

Blower delay

Old furnace models are of poor quality due to the lack of blower delay. Older models tend to blast cold air once the furnace turns on. However, investing in a newer model with a blower delay will prevent this from happening again.

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