So, “what is next,” you ask since R-22 is being phased out?? Well, with the ban of freon (HCFC-22 or R-22), new chemicals have taken their place. The chemical that will most often be used in newer air conditioners is R-410A, a safer, compliant refrigerant.

You cannot simply use R-410A in older systems designed for Freon, because R-410A operates at a higher pressure than other refrigerants. R-410A systems require service personnel to use different tools, equipment, safety standards, and techniques. Equipment manufacturers are aware of these changes and require the certification of professionals installing R-410A systems.

If you decide to replace your system now, here are some things to make that expense a bit easier to take:

  • The new environmentally-friendly R-410A systems have a much smaller carbon footprint; they do not harm the ozone layer.
  • New energy-efficient systems save on energy costs. Even if your existing system is only 10 years old, you may save significantly on your energy costs by replacing it with a newer, more efficient model.
  • Most new systems come with a warranty – standard!

If you have questions about your existing air conditioner or would like a quote on replacing your system, please call us today!

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