No one likes to wake up to their heat or air not working. Emergency calls can get expensive quickly, and Leith Heating & Cooling says the best way to keep a breakdown from happening is to schedule an annual maintenance check of your HVAC equipment. If you have a new system, manufacturers require that their equipment be annually maintained by a certified technician in order to keep the warranty valid. For older equipment, most problems can be detected before a breakdown occurs which can save a lot of money on service calls. Now, there is no guarantee that annual maintenance can prevent all service calls, but 80% of service calls could have been prevented with annual maintenance. So, you have an 80% less chance of having trouble that season. In all, doing routine maintenance will keep your unit running smoothly, safely, and save you money in the long run. Being proactive with your approach to HVAC maintenance will decrease the possibility of waking up to your heating and cooling system not working.

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