What are your plans for this fall season? While many people plan to get out their winter clothes, they often forget about the maintenance of their furnace. The temperature is dropping lower every day, this is why it’s important to ensure your HVAC system is ready for the cold. Here are some things you can do to guarantee your HVAC system works the best this fall:

Ensure there are no air leaks:
Do you feel a cool breeze while sitting inside your home? This could be due to air leaks in your windows and doors. This will not only save you from the cold air outside but will also save you money since your furnace won’t turn on as often.

Change the filter of your furnace:
While this may seem easy to do, most homeowners often forget to do this once the temperature drops. This will enhance your furnace’s ability to function effectively.

Replace batteries of smoke detectors:
It is fall season when leaves are constantly falling. There are times where individuals may burn leaves, which could turn unsafe. It is crucial to replace the batteries on your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to guarantee your safety.

Have maintenance done on your furnace:
To guarantee your furnace is working to its fullest capability and not wasting your money, it is essential to schedule a maintenance job on your system. Our team at Leith Heating & Cooling HVAC will ensure the venting system is working correctly, check for any leaks, and will clean any parts of the furnace.

You also may be compelled to cover your HVAC system in the winter, however this is not always beneficial. There are many guidelines to follow. For more information or any questions on HVAC home maintenance for the chilly season, contact Leith Heating & Cooling today.

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