Air conditioners are appliances that we have come to rely on for hot spring and summer weather. Homeowners could become concerned when they notice a layer of frost surrounding their air conditioning unit. We expect ACs to keep us cool without freezing up. What can you do about this for your AC?

At Leith Heating & Cooling, many homeowners have asked us how to defrost an AC unit. We have five ways you can troubleshoot this issue.

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1. Use the Fan 

You can use your AC fan to blow warm air and melt the frost off your unit. Switch your air conditioning’s cooling setting off to release warm air and switch the fan on. You’ll send hot air throughout your air conditioner’s internal components to defrost the ice.

2. Change the Air Filter

One of the simplest fixes for many air conditioning problems is to replace the dirty air filters. It may sound like an obvious maintenance step, but many property owners neglect filter replacement in a timely manner and experience major difficulties with their ACs. A clogged filter will prevent warm air from entering the system, which the AC cools and releases back out as cold air. 

The cool air stays trapped inside the air conditioning unit and ducts, decreases temperatures, and forms frost in or on the unit. Once you put in a new air filter, wait a day or longer to turn the system on and see if this has helped. Remember to swap out your old filter around every 30 days for the most efficient AC operation.

3. Check Coolant Levels

Low coolant levels reduce internal pressure and create AC frost. You might need to add more to your system and see if it helps your defrosting efforts. Leaks might account for the low levels, and if you don’t take care of them, the problems will continue and worsen.

Have a professional AC technician address cracks and leaks to prevent your air conditioner from breaking down. Frequent frosting won’t provide your home with cold air, nor will you experience the benefits of a properly functioning AC.

4. Warm Up Your AC with Heat

When learning how to defrost an AC unit, consider a hair dryer or heat gun. You can use the hot air from a blow dryer to get rid of the frost on your AC. Turn your unit completely off before beginning, as serious electrical damage can occur.

5. Turn Off Your Air Conditioning System

No matter what you try to do to defrost your AC, shut off the system first. You can always turn off your AC and leave it for a few hours or days to see if it helps. If you aren’t comfortable trying these DIY fixes, you can call your professional HVAC company.

After 24 hours of thawing, your AC should no longer be frozen. If you aren’t successful in your attempts, contact your HVAC experts immediately.

What Can Cause Ice on Your Air Conditioner?

Air conditioners need to take in warm air to cool and send back out, but bad airflow can keep low temperatures and cold air trapped. Also, having a dirty condenser and evaporator coil can contribute to this blocked airflow and lead to a frozen air conditioner. Sometimes a coolant or refrigerant leak can be to blame, which is detectable by looking for water damage or a puddle surrounding the unit.

When your AC collects excessive amounts of water or has an internal leak, bigger problems could be damaging your system. Shut off your air conditioner and contact your AC repair company for suggestions and guidance.

How Can Frost Damage Your AC Unit?

You might think a little frost on your AC is no big deal, but think again. Frost-coated air conditioners will decrease their ability to provide adequate cooling and temperature control in your home or business. You’ll still feel hot and uncomfortable even when your AC is operating, without experiencing relief from the heat.

Additionally, too much frost can block the free flow of air in and out of your air conditioner. Your unit will work harder to try to cool the incoming air and damage its internal components the longer frost is on it. You’re also likely to notice more expensive energy bills, sporadic AC shutdowns, and poor energy efficiency. 

Steps You Can Take with a Frozen AC Unit

Check your pipes and condensate drains for any leaks and replace air filters if you haven’t in a long time. Make sure your thermostat is working properly and is on the correct setting. A broken thermostat can throw your entire air conditioning system out of whack and overwork the appliance.

These steps might help your frozen AC, but it is even better to contact a professional HVAC company.

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