When the temperature drops in Elgin, we know about it. Did you know that the lowest ever recorded temperature in Illinois was -36°F back in 1999? While the needle might not fall so low this year, you’ll still want to avoid mid-winter furnace breakdowns and ensure your heating system is able to cope with the cold months ahead.

A lot of things can go wrong with your heating system, but when you know the signs to look out for you can take fast action before your home becomes an icebox. Let’s take a look at seven of the more common HVAC problems you might experience during an Elgin winter and what can be done about it.

1. Uneven Temperatures and Airflow

Have you noticed that some rooms in your home are warmer than others? This usually points to a problem with airflow through your vents. Common reasons for this include blocked fans, problems with the furnace motor, and obstructed vents. We can help, but before calling the pros at Leith Heating & Cooling, make sure that nothing is blocking your vents from the outside, such as furniture. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to move their furniture around and don’t notice they’ve accidentally covered a vent with a painting, television or new shelf.

2. Furnace Won’t Turn Off

If you can hear your furnace running constantly, it may be that you are hearing the blower fan. In some cases, you’ll encounter this issue but not have any more heat than you’d typically expect. First, you’ll want to check your thermostat settings. It could be that your setting is toggled to “AUTO” instead of “ON”. If that’s not the case, it’s likely one of two things: your furnace limit switch is malfunctioning, or there’s some issue with your thermostat. The good news is that our experienced team can resolve both of these issues in no time at all.

3. Furnace Cycles On and Off Frequently

If your furnace is turning on and off over and over, it could be a sign of trouble. Frequent cycling can be a big energy drain and cause unnecessary wear and tear to your heater’s parts. If you’ve noticed your furnace is displaying this behavior, it’s a good idea to arrange an HVAC inspection before the problem results in a complete breakdown. Fortunately, a fault like this is no problem for the technicians at Leith Heating & Cooling. We’ll inspect your system thoroughly to diagnose and remedy the problem.

4. A Faulty Thermostat

Thermostats are reliable most of the time but can also suffer faults. Over time, circuit boards can fail, wires can become loose, and sensors can malfunction. These faults can stop the thermostat from communicating with your heating system and making the “call for heat” required to heat your home. Fortunately, our experienced technicians are on hand to deal with any thermostat problem so call us today for fast and friendly service.

5. Pilot Light Flickering

When your furnace is fired up, you want a strong and steady pilot light. If your pilot light is flickering or failing to light at all, it could be down to a number of reasons. The most common cause of pilot light problems is drafts. Damaged or clogged flame sensors can also cause a pilot light to go out. If you’re experiencing problems with your furnace and you think the pilot light is the problem, get in touch with our team. We can check over your entire system and get that light burning steady and bright once more.

6. Carbon Monoxide Leaks

Carbon monoxide (CO) is toxic, deadly, and not to be messed with. There are a number of issues that could cause CO to seep into your home, including a cracked heat exchanger, blocked chimney or loose pipes. If you have a furnace that uses natural gas, it’s essential that you have CO detectors fitted around your home. Unlike natural gas that has a very distinctive odor, carbon monoxide is odorless. CO detectors are able to detect when carbon monoxide levels in your home are above a certain threshold and sound the alarm. For help with CO detector installation and furnace inspection, call the team at Leith Heating & Cooling.

7. Damage to Your Furnace

Furnaces are in high demand during the winter and constant use can take its toll on your system, sometimes causing damage to parts. From furnace leaks to cracked heat exchangers, damage to your furnace can result in a complete heating breakdown. The good news is that many of these issues can be avoided with preventative maintenance. By arranging annual maintenance with our team, we can take care of any looming problems and get your furnace winter-ready and in peak condition. Of course, the unexpected can happen. If your furnace isn’t working for any reason, we’re here to help.

Call Your Local HVAC Pros

Whether you’re being proactive and preparing for the winter ahead with heating maintenance that will keep your system in optimum health or trying to address an unexpected heating issue, our team is always just a call away. Here at Leith Heating & Cooling, we offer fast, friendly, and dependable HVAC services wherever you are in Elgin or the surrounding areas.

Call us today and we’ll have one of our technicians with you as quickly as possible. We’re dedicated to your comfort!

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