how to defrost ac unit
February 20

How to Defrost AC Unit in 5 Simple Ways

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what causes ac compressor failure
January 20

What Causes AC Compressor Failure: A Complete Guide

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The Condenser Clean
August 31

Keep The Condenser Clean

The outdoor AC unit/condenser is a vital part to any air conditioning system in your home. It is essential to keep it running properly and… View Article Read More

New AC in Elgin, IL
March 23

How to Save Energy With Your NEW Air Conditioner

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AC Filter Maintenance in Elgin, IL
August 17

The Importance of Changing Your AC Filter

Your central forced-air furnace and air conditioning systems utilize an air filter that needs to be changed out on a regular basis. Experts recommend changing… View Article Read More

AC Refrigerant in Elgin, IL
June 7

R-22 Refrigerant Phase Out, What Now?

Many older air conditioning models use R-22 refrigerant to keep homes cool. However, this substance can deplete the ozone layer and harm the environment, so… View Article Read More

HVAC Maintenance in West Dundee, Illinois
May 19

Why You Should Get HVAC Maintenance

Imagine the kind of problems you might experience with your vehicle if you failed to maintain it regularly. It would not perform at its best,… View Article Read More

AC repair with Freon Leak
July 28

AC repair with Freon Leak

Follow along with Brian on a service call to see how he determines a leak in an AC system. There are many factors that go… View Article Read More

NextDoor Award won!
July 15

NextDoor Award won!

Thank you so much to all of our customers who have nominated us and recommended us to friends and family! Because of this, we have… View Article Read More

Spring Clean up tips for your air conditioner
April 10

Spring Clean up tips for your air conditioner

Brian shows you some helpful tips to do some spring cleaning around your A/C Read More