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Residents of Geneva and the NW Suburbs choose Leith Heating and Cooling, Inc. for their heating and air conditioning needs.  We are a local HVAC company with more than 20 years of experience installing and servicing HVAC equipment.   Our knowledgeable and friendly professionals can help you with a variety of heating and cooling solutions. We offer quality service and brand name products for solutions that will last.

Review from Geneva customer:

“He arrived on time. He started by laying down plastic sheeting on the areas on the home where he would be walking especially on the carpeted stairs and in the basement. Drained water as required from system so that old boiler could be disconnected and was very careful so that he did not make a mess. Removed all old equipment carefully so that walls and stairway were not scratched. Carefully brought down new boiler and other parts. No smoking or bad language in the home. All work done in a very professional manner. Workmanship was excellent. All plastic sheeting was removed. All areas where he walked was vacuumed and left as clean or cleaner than before he came. Mr Leith is a true perfectionist. He worked all day so that we could have heat before he left. This work was done in the last few day of December, 2007. After watching him for a while I was so confident in his performance that I felt that I did not have to watch him any more. His performance exceeded my expectations.”- Ted